What is Yii?

Yii is pronounced as "Yee" or "ji:" an open source, object-oriented, component-based MVC PHP web application framework that makes development process fast, secure, and efficient.

Why to Choose Yii?

The power and longevity of Yii framework designed cautiously to work efficiently with the third party codes like Zend framework and merge it in the Yii application.

Why Techies prefer ?

Yii framework provides a range of extensible tools for code generation, which can help you in rapid code generation like CRUD opertaions. The security measures preventing the web applications from attacks like SQL injection, cross-site scripting or XSS, cross-site request and cookie tampering.

Elderberry Competent Yii Web Framework Development

It’s an open source PHP framework, great for creating large and complex web applications.

The simplicity of the code makes it user friendly and fast. YII is a standard platform based on MVC architecture for developing large applications.

Powerful support, security and architecture design helps attract the people in business to built with least efforts involved.

Our Team of skilled Yii Professionals, capable of fulfilling client requirements and deliver web solutions efficient, feature-rich and powerful web applications for your requirements.

Check out a few of many accomplishments our team has achieved so far.

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Elderberry Tech is an practical technological company that provides new growth oriented solutions for upcoming ecommerce retail businesses through comprehensive analysed innovative solutions.

Our YII Web Development Expertise

We are the leading Yii 1.0 & 2.0 framework service providers, creating pixel-perfect websites as per expectations. Our development team is capable to delivers the best featured development services for business profits.

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Yii Web Application Development

Interactive end-user robust application development services based on consistent experience

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Yii 2.0 Theme Designing

Smartly conceptualize with utmost precision in order to deliver a high-performing web design

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Yii ERP & CRM Development

Expertise strategy to develop the perfect ERP/CRM for service satisfaction

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Yii Module/Extension Development

Manage smartly you integration process to scale large operations quick.

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Yii Integartion Services

We provide you third-party integration services to make applications scalable

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Custom Yii Website Development

Customization which will contribute directly to business management.

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Yii Migration Services

Perfect sync of agility, functionality, and safety to ensure smooth performance.

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Yii 2.0 Mobile App Development

Build tailor-made mobile apps with powerful backends to reach maximum compatibility

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Yii Maintenance and Support

Ensure smooth performance through all your modification services.

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Common FAQ About Yii Development

Yii framework currently has two major versions, one is 1.1(old), and another one is 2.0. The configuration depends upon the features, theme selection, products data and requirements.

Yii 2.0 allows you to customize URLS using configuration as SEO friendly URLs drive more traffic on your website. Marketing your products or service online is just as important as the website itself.

We understand initial implementing hurdles, our goal to make it unbelievably simple for your firm to manage your eCommerce website. Let say from creating pages or categories, products offer promotions and discounts, you will have full access to support tutorials making updates instantly. Best of all feature, using our custom shopping cart, your site and data aren't restricted! Our support team of web designers, and developers is always available for immediate action.

Every website we build is mobile responsive, and will work on every browser. Today's business sales is growing at rapid pace, its important now to have a mobile-optimized eCommerce site.

Types of data security measures such as data backup, encryption and antivirus software, which will ensure the security of your sensitive data.

Our technical consultant helps you with all your tech-related requirements. Our support team is ready to assist clients with their queries quick.