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Responsive design is an approach to create flexible layouts, flexible images and cascading style sheet media queries. It is rightly said that “First Impression is the last impression.” This applies to your website too. The goal of responsive design is attracts the visitors detect the screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly. Nowadays, the users access websites through various mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Macbook, Laptops etc. It’s very important that your website should be able to adapt the size according to the type of device. Additionally, search engines actively demote websites that aren’t mobile-friendly in their search results, affecting SEO.

Responsive web design is a somewhat retro approach that focuses on website design in such a way that the website fits on to the screen of any mobile device. Responsive design pages use coordinates on a grid layout and mathematical percentages for images instead of fixed-width parameters. The website contracts and expands as per the width of the browser.

Elderberry Tech has delivered custom high quality responsive web design as per clietns business requirements. Being an expert mobile web design company, we can make the website theme accustomed to all the resolutions and fit all the types of screens. In fact, the app industry seems to be moving towards apps that work on websites, on mobile, on tablet, and desktop as well, so coming time we see responsive app design in the coming months.

The Majority of UI design advantage tools have cool features that help us to design responsive interfaces from single code works for all the devices. So, it saves time and cost too. Being a client, you just need to manage one website from the backend because a single website works for all the devices.

Responsive UI Design:

Majority of UI design tools have cool features that help us to design responsive interfaces. Firstly, they have artboard features, which enables us to design mobile, tablet, and desktop versions of our screens side-by-side.

Responsive Images:

Internet speeds often suck, especially on mobile connections. Since 25% of users abandon websites that take 4+ seconds to load, ideally, we need to be creating low-resource designs with compressed images (ideally using a compression ratio of about 91%). Also, images should adapt according to viewport size and screen resolution.

Responsive App Design:

Responsive design best practices can also be applied to native apps; as an example, those that are designed to work on both iPhones and iPads. In fact, the app industry seems to be moving towards apps that work.

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Service Level Agreement

  • Cancel agreement any time with 7 days notice period
  • If the assigned developer leaves his engagement with us, we provide 1 week free work for knowledge transfer
  • 100% IP and data protection guarantee
  • Robust infrastructure, uninterrupted internet, avail required hardware and software
  • 160 hours of guaranteed work per month
  • 100% transparent, visible and controllable development using online project management system
  • Daily reporting, direct communication (Skype, Telephone), fast e-mail response
  • Correct task estimation and quality development
Service Level Agreement

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Uniqueness and attention are the key factors to the success, which can only be achieved through dedicated research and problem solving methods. By planning the strategy conceptually planned conception, and creation is promising in times of information interchangeability of services.


The quality of delivering job on time is crucial factor. Also the core competencies in medium-sized companies are the support level. We coordinate the meetings - the execution plan by the concepts, tasks, integration, unit testing and client approvals.


We ensure for complete efforts transparency before project finalize. That initiative has been appreciated by many of our clients. Our goal of client service is quite different than other IT-agencies: we get leads, we recommend solution, client evaluate and finalize the best possible offers.


This can be achieved with a lot of experience and co-operation held by the versatile stake holder from industries like education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retails, Logistic, Hospitality more...

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Elderberry Tech was an excellent choice to help me create my website. I am very happy with the work done so far for me, and hope to hire him again for future projects. I definitely recommend Elderberry Tech to anyone looking for a good website designer.

Robert G.
Coaster Royal

I hired Elderberry Tech to design our website pages and they did it perfectly. It was easy to communicate with this company and the work was quality and done quickly. I will definitely use them for future web development projects...I'll be back!

Luke Peters
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No doubt our team is extremely pleased with team "EBT' how they re-design and crafted to the specifications of our designer. Team did a wonderful job of managing the client relationship while doing the engineering work.

Debord M.
Sciences, TX