Information Security Policy

Strategy is the key

All our measures are based on the goals and needs of our customers. Further building and managing a security program is an effort that most organizations grow into overtime. That's why we take time for briefing rules how assets or networks used by employees. If necessary, we create Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and Access Control Policy (ACP) structure to analyzes critical projects. In this way, we can competently advise our customers and create a coherent and above all effective communication concept in close coordination.

Information Security Policy

We realize the importance of data shared is sensitive and confidential. The primary security policy issued by the company to ensure that all employees who use assets within the breadth of the organization, comply with its stated rules and guidelines. Here are some key points of our policy:

  • 1. Password/PIN Policy - Developing personal identification number policy helps ensure employees are creating their login or access credentials in a secure manner.
  • 2. Device Controls - Proper methods of access to computers, tablets, and smartphones should be established to control access to information.
  • 3. Security Policy Reporting training is implemented and conducted to ensure proper understand reporting procedures.

Incident Response (IR) Policy

Our approach to manage immedatily an incident and remediate the impact to operations. Highly talented team is formed to monitor limiting the damage to business operations, customers and reducing recovery time and costs

  • 1. Elderberry Tech has experience of providing
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Remote Access Policy

We have outlined and defined acceptable methods of remotely connecting to an organization network.

  • 1. VPN Controls for access to remote cloud server and establishing secure connection for data access.
  • 2. Secure IP access through firewall installed on remote network

Email/Communication Policy

Electronic communication policy is a document used to formally outline how an employees can use the business chosen electronic communication medium.

  • 1. Emails should be cordial and care should be taken to ensure that text is composed using an appropriate attitude.
  • 2. An email pertains to professionals mode for communication, it should be sent to only those members, its relevant.
  • 2.Use of attachments in email should be avoided