Travel and Hospitality Industry Solution

Cloud Based Travel and Hospitality Solution

All-in-One Travel Hospitality Software increasing customer experiences and efficiency, helping travel agencies to leverage advancement and much more. The radical evolution in the hospitality business across the globe, its essential for companies to implement the customized portals. The best user experience, efficiency and robustness is continously increasing the demand of powerful web and mobility solutions. Our involvement with clients understanding the process have strengthen the understanding of Travel & Hospitality industry.

The emerging digital technologies have significantly increase the smart use by customers. Now in true sense understanding customer’s expectations delivering solution that should leverage the right information is a challenging. We craft solutions that values argument that provide an personalised outstanding journey for individual experience.

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Our cloud Travel & Hospitality solution offers interactive designed, responsive system that makes it fast & easy to sell to your customers.

  • 1
    Accept any type of payment i.e cash, credit-card, stripe, gifts paying options.
  • 2
    Improved user interface helps you easily operate by new people and improved customer experience.
  • 3
    Reports can be access at any time, which helps you accurate view of sales and product performance.
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Travel and Hospitality Features We Offer

ElderBerry Tech product-management

Booking Management Systems

Effortless management from purchase to sell whether you sell one SKU or thousands, you’ll look forward to managing your catalog.

ElderBerry Tech inventory-features

Payment System Integration

Managing stock by you and your staff can instantly see which items are in stock, everywhere, in real time.

ElderBerry Tech Attendance

Multi-Languages & Currency

Portal are enabled with multilanguage and multiple currencies so that travellers from across the world can access.

ElderBerry Tech your-customers

Asset Tracking Solution

We ensure your business security, what to meet compliance...Customer profiles, history, Lifetime value of shoppers.

ElderBerry Tech Powerful-Reporting

Relationship Management

Helps you stay ahead of the competition by giving you an accurate view of sales and product performance.

ElderBerry Tech Examination

Ticketing Systems

Simply get integrations seamless with 3rd party vendors APIs to ring the business.

E-ticketing Reservation!

We’ve been stucked by traditional reservation system. Online ticketing and reservation get easy and simple for your business aspects…

Flipping Out: Multi-channel distribution

Flipped : one of those dreaded ‘buzzwords’ which seem to permeate through our sector and add yet another ‘must…

Strategy Design Digital Service

Book a demonstration in Feburary 2021 and receive a whopping 25% discount when your signs up for Your Favourite…

Strategy Design Digital Service

Book a demonstration in Feburary 2021 and receive a whopping 25% discount when your signs up for Your Favourite…

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