Transportation & Logistic

Cloud Based Logistic Solution

Our all-in-one Logistic Management System support effective management of every service-oriented industry domain from Transportation Planning, Logistic Management Dispatch, Warehouse Management, Accounting Management, Vehicle / Fleet Management, MIS Reporting to better control financial performance indicators.

We offer global logistics solution which is built to align your business in monitoring, execution, tracking, analyzing, and optimizing all the on-field activities....A Complete Package!!!

The right shipping solution for the logistics, service providers, digital order processing and order tracking.

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    Tracking Process visualization for all parties. via intuitive dashboard graphics and extensive control center functionalities.
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    Easy support to financial management, fees collection and online payments.
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    Perfect learning system to differentiate between learners, encouraging students to learning.
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Transportation and Logistic Features

ElderBerry Tech Order-Management

Order Management

Effective orders management to avoid double handling errors, Synchronized inventory, supplier and customer data in single system.

ElderBerry Tech Allocate-freights

Allocate freights

Freight offers can be publish with information on type of goods, volume/ weight, date, loading and unloading point.

ElderBerry Tech Attendance

Warehouse Efficiency

By replacing inefficient processes with real-time updates & mobile operations for better productivity.

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Freight Accounting

Create invoices for customers any currency, and any language. Forward invoices to your customers and track your payments and collections.

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Automated Reporting

Build custom reports as needed and, automatically triggered on schedule dated.

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Document Management

Shipment related documents rate requests, quotations, carrier bookings, transit reports, proof of delivery, arrival notices, invoices, can be issued immediately.

Complete Assignment Tracking!

Ensure Real-Time container tracking, manage delivery status, driver's activity to avoid delays in dispatch and deliveries…

Manage End-to-End Operations

Single platform to manage Own Container, Leased Container, Market Hire Container, Customers, Vendors, Routes, Contracts, Billing, Collection…

Performance Analytics

To help you control your conatiner business monitor Dispatch - Deliveries - Tracking, number of deliveries, cancelled & delayed orders and much more …

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