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Cloud-Based HR and Payroll Solution

All-in-one HRM solution that automate the entier human resource process for your company like employee profile, timesheet & attendance, talent management, payroll, reporting, performance appraisal into one robust package. Benefit companies those who prefer to store sensitive data which is difficult to manage and secure on their behalf. Our cloud-based solution that can help the companies streamline there processes as a stand alone system.

Our goal to works closely with every module of HR & Payroll to reduce effectively break down bureaucracy, and deliver a connected user experience. We 100% meets the needs of fast growing business to easily upscale the flexibility of solution. The simplicity of interface, especially within our industry an equally powerful management solution drive a way ahead.

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This HRM solution integrate several process like recuritment, payroll, attendance, reporting and perfromance analysis.

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    Complete core process to easily perform & control the key functions of HR department.
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    This system cover full specturm of tasks associated with Human Resourcean department, including tracking and improving process efficiency.
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    Encompass Payroll, Attendance, Performance, HR Management, Recuritment, Employee Self Service and Leave Management.
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features for HRM industry

ElderBerry Tech Order-Management

Self Service Portal

Effective manage customer repository to understand your customer’s interests and concerns by capturing related data to have a consistent experience.

ElderBerry Tech Allocate-freights

Talent Management

This unique feature in service system allows management to recurit talent with minimal involvement of multipe human efforts.

ElderBerry Tech Attendance

Dashboard and Reporting

Smart management process from order to good receipt, orders tracking, and future deliveries, your buyer workloads and subcontracted orders though.

ElderBerry Tech Download Image

Payroll Management

Payroll feature allows organization to calculate employee pay, direct deposit, increments, payslip, and loan.

ElderBerry Tech Parental Track Image

Leave and Attendance Management

To streamline the communication between HR department and employee to ensure effective management system automatically calculate leaves and trigger alerts.

ElderBerry Tech Examination

Documents and Performanmce Management

Take stress out and reduce tedious approval process and provide intuitive tools to empower employees.

Improved HR processes!

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Well-informed core HR decisions

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Well-informed core HR decisions

Book a demonstration in November 2019 and receive a whopping 25% discount when your school signs up for Your Favourite…

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Quick Summary: Nowadays, enterprises utilize HRMS in several ways that include expansion of candidate reach, sticking to data regulations, enabling employer branding, etc.