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Cloud-Based Restaurant Management Solution

All-in-one restaurant management solutions designed perfectly to fit the needs of both casual dining, take away and online ordering establishments. Our solutions enable flexible and high-quality service capabilities to supports your routine tasks of effective table-side service, floor staff, orders report management. Our advanced features provided to make running a business more efficiently and profitable ultimately.

We though maintain competitive process with timely services to provide excellent advantage to restaurant owners. Offers accurate tracking for business sales data down configured to subtract the steak from the inventory. Inventory is necessary because you want to understand your profit margins entirely and that starts by following your food usage and costs.

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We keep adding new features to help you stay up-to-date with routine changes your business needs so you focus on customers serving..

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    Real-time data to decide which aspects of the business need attention and create reports to aid making firm decisions.
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    Seamlessly integration with other software applications you can think of better management on finger tips.
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    Easy navigation between other menus and price lists. Gain easy access to customer info while taking orders with the customer ID feature.
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features for restaurant industry

ElderBerry Tech Order-Management

Customer Relationship Management

Effective manage customer repository to understand your customer’s interests and concerns by capturing related data to have a consistent experience.

ElderBerry Tech Allocate-freights

Process Tracking

Follow up the operations within POS to decide they meet standards like table clearing and preparation, cooking time, service speed, etc... to knowledge and increase staff productivity.

ElderBerry Tech Attendance

Billing Operations

Smart feature to offer Guests multiple Payment Options settle bills via multiple payment options such as cash, check, debit/credit card, gift/loyalty card, or Stripe account. Define various tax types.

ElderBerry Tech Download Image

Order Delivery Integration

Get orders delivered directly into the POS from aggregator. Manage multiple order, Change menus/items on click. Reconcile report to track day sale.

ElderBerry Tech Parental Track Image

Accounting System

Track good receivables and payables for open customer accounts, employee payroll, income and expenses.

ElderBerry Tech Examination

Custom Reports

Available reports from Daily sales, Product Stock, Payment and Staff Report to manage your overall resources promptly on click

End-of-Day, Stock & Sales Analytics

We’ve conceptualize and developed smarter way to provide you real-time tracking of inventory levels, discrepancies further…

Design Unlimited Table Layouts

Features instant organise data to keep restaurants running tables like robotic machines, which didn’t stop…

Defining Inventory Features!

Add unlimited categorys, products, sub-products of any units type to database and creating detailed receipts…

Online Ordering Platform

We’ve developed smart system for online orders, that's first touchpoint with the customer…

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