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Cloud Education ERP Solution

All-in-one institution management system more accessible on-premises to handle all the day today decision-making engagments for any Schools, Coaching Centers, Colleges or Universities. By using it you can easily implement a state-of-the-art system that offers you core requirement, with add-on LMS features. In todays prospective smart and secure solution have overcome the brich to data security challenges

Cloud-based education ERP software has helped in revamping the infrastructure of the educational institutions. If you are looking to empower an cloud ERP rather than proprietary server involvement to share information. Even that across departments of all the instructive foundations, you can manage easily with Cloud ERP Solution. Our Cloud ERP solution integrates all of the essential functions like , Registration, Academics, Fees & Finanace, Examination, Library and HR & Payroll

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Our cloud based ERP offers an interactive scheme to manage routine work, essential for todays education system that fits perfectly in routine teaching.

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    Streamlines communication among stakeholders: Students, Teachers, Parents and Administrative staff, with dedicated end-user login.
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    Easy support to financial management, fees collection and online payments.
  • 3
    Perfect learning system to differentiate between learners, encouraging students to learning.
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Education Features

ElderBerry Tech Content


A key requirement to every education hub streamline the process of leads, walkins and admitted.

ElderBerry Tech Core-Academic

Core Academic

Activities for every lesson easily adapted for learning inside or outside the classroom.

ElderBerry Tech Attendance


Easy self marking through UI every class teacher can mark status knowledge to student present for class.

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All our revision resources and key learning materials and share with your class.

ElderBerry Tech Parental Track Image

Parental Track

Every students class progress can monitored with our interactive tools.

ElderBerry Tech Examination


At every stage, whether its for exams, personal development or for a love of learning.

Academic Management

Control admission to courses offered, courses duration, course in-charge, time-table, students enrolled limit, media add facilities more…

Roles and Privilege

Centralized monitoring by role-based secure access to the stakeholders - students, faculty, admin, staff, etc.…


education ERP display live academic details, feed in real-time gives management to take effective business decisions wisely…

STUDENT Fees Collect!

aspects of managing an educational institutes finances into an most effortless operation…

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