When it comes to Design in Shopify, you have so many options it might be overwhelming at first. There are a lot of Shopify Themes to choose from, a lot of UI/UX features to select and see if they are relevant to your audience. Selecting your Shopify Theme would be the first step of your eCommerce solution, your website design will involve your content architecture, imagery, video and especially your branding.

Shopify Inventory Management Made Easy

Learn why ApparelMagic is the best fashion inventory and ERP software to use with Shopify ecommerce and POS tools.

Ease of Use for Shopify Inventory

If you know how to use Shopify, you know how to use ApparelMagic.

Navigating ApparelMagic is a breeze, with data, options, and actions intelligently displayed the moment you need them. With a look and feel similar to Shopify, you’ll feel at home the moment you log in.

Easy integration setup, live trainings, and quality support will all help your team make the most of ApparelMagic and Shopify.

A Shopify Inventory App with Auto Sync

Styles, images, and inventory availability are automatically synced from ApparelMagic to Shopify, and orders are automatically retrieved from Shopify. Sync images from Shopify to ApparelMagic on command.

Sell directly to customers using Shopify’s POS integration with ApparelMagic. ApparelMagic will automatically receive the orders placed.

Manage multiple Shopify stores independently with the ability to set separate integration configurations customized to each store.

Not just the Best Shopify Inventory Management App

We’re not just Shopify experts. As the hub behind so many fashion brands, ApparelMagic integrates with fashion’s favorite services:

  • Improve relationships with your retailers using RMS EDI, JOOR, or NuOrder.
  • Keep on top of financials with QuickBooks Online, Xero, and factor access.
  • Send your orders off with quality 3PL and ShipStation, Shipvine, and more.

Customer Service

For Shopify Plus having a dedicated site/sub-domain to handle all your customers' questions, how-to's, FAQs and knowledgebase is crucial to maintain some sanity all the while enriching your search engine optimization (SEO) with keywords about your products and services. When you are within a regular Shopify Plan, your Shopify Theme must incorporate the Support side of the business, therefore while your focus is on sales, it must also now include service. With the content usually heavier on the Support/Service if your focus is to cover different scenarios as well as different ways to access your knowledge base your page layout and structure for the UI/UX must be well designed with a good search capability. Support can be challenging where returns must be minimized as they hit your financial bottom line the hardest.


While it can be exciting to have a new Shopify Design in the works, it all comes down to the details. Every step needs scrutiny, every department must be represented for the user experience and your UI/UX features will be defined by ease of use, ease of access to information, and ease of doing business to refer you to their friends and family. This frictionless approach will be the central focus for your success with a new Shopify Store. If you need to cover this area in greater detail, feel free to reach out to us at info@elderberrytech.com

For more on Shopify UX: https://elderberrytech.com/our-work/portfolio-shopify-websites.php

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