Upgrading your OpenCart 1.5.x to the latest 3.0.x Version

Periodically update is a good idea for your store with each new version released to take advantage of bug fixes and new features. First step to be taken is #backup of your #site before upgrading. Reason being possibility of experience difficulties with third party #extensions not #compatible with Latest version of OpenCart. There are ways to avoid the pain of upgrades, such as using quality themes and modules that do not modify your OpenCart core, or using vQmod.

Secondly, while updating check extensions installed, please make sure any modified Third Party extensions. Consult your client previous developer or company to know details. (Note: Modification of OpenCart core files is strongly not recommended, the fact that overwrite files result website not functioning. Please use the overrides methods VQMOD or OCMOD.)

    * Setup #testing environment for opencart upgrade and restore the backup copy of your 1.5.x site in staging folder, else under a #subdomain.
    * Go to Extensions to check the list of installed extensions on the store. Ensure that you’re client provides their latest versions compatible with opencart version been installed..
    * Go to #Products #Category #Orders #Users then click the button to check the count of records on server; then click Close.
    * On the staging site, first test the upgrade with default opencart theme.

Installing Updated Version of Opencart On The Server

    * Downloads latest version at the top by click "Download" to save the zip version. Unzip the zip file to staging folder location for ease.
    * The next step in updating is to upload the files from the latest version to the store's file directory via a FTP client.
    * Update the config files respectively on directory: "upload/config.php", and the "upload/admin/config.php".
    * The install page is located at the store location followed by "/install" like so: www."mystore".com/install
    * After letting OpenCart upgrade complete, the following success page will be displayed. The install directory can be deleted now.

    Quick fix tips for a problem free OpenCart upgrade

    If you are looking to upgrade your OpenCart store without any problem, it is time to follow these quick simple tips for the required process.

      * Once, the upgrade is done, it is important to clear browser cookies for avoiding the token errors.
      * You need to load the admin page and then press the Ctrl+F5 keys twice to direct your browser to update the CSS changes.
      * OpenCart users need to follow the path Admin -> Users -> User Groups and then edit the Top Administrator group. It is advised to check all the boxes there.
      * You need to navigate towards Admin and then edit the main System Settings. It is also recommended to update all the fields and then click on the save option inspite of whatever changes you have made.
      * The user has to load the store front and press the Ctrl+F5 twice to direct the browser to make the required modifications in the CSS changes.

    Why should you upgrade to OpenCart version 3.0?

    Marketplace integration: The marketplace in the platform itself has made the biggest impression so far. You can now get OpenCart marketplace extension and install it in your store to enable the multi-vendor feature. Before the release of this version, it was reachable only via the official website.

    Theme editor: The improved Theme Editor allows you to modify platform’s themes directly from the admin interface via Twig language. The theme editor is user-friendly and easy-to-understand. It allows you to modify 3 main elements, the themes, pages and the code of the pages in particular.

    Language Editor: OpenCart 3.0 offers Language Editor that allows the store admin to customize any text in the store. The contents can be changed to a preferred language without troublesome installation of any third-party translation extensions. Translating the text is just a matter of few clicks now.

    what do i need as a developer to know before entering opencart programming::

    for more details, see this discussion on stack over flow about how to become a professional opencart developer.

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