Getting a specialized professional developer to assist for your online store is a little difficult. We at Elderberry Tech, strive to provide you professional programmer's to do all the technical support and modernization. Our developer's have excellent skills assisting offshore client sites from the native english speaking or arabian, italian, swedish, german etc... and they have provided custom solutions for online stores developing and connecting payment gateways, shipping, chat system and other advanced design tasks.

What task do skilled developer can accomplish?

  • First upgrade your code based to latest version.
  • Programming a payment gateways or shipping calculation.
  • Integrating third party solution with using the API's.
  • Installation theme templates, design and customization as needed.
  • Migration your online store to new hosting.
  • Monthly/ Yearly technical support for CMS or MVC framework
  • Solve default programming fixes related to Extensions, Databases and the Admin Interface.

The major skills of our Developers:



Which area do skilled developer specialized?

  • Installation and Setup
  • Fine tuning of theme, database and extension.
  • understand the internal cash system and the templates.
  • How the code architecture mechanism works.
  • Popular theme templates customize.

How to become a Web Developer and know programming into CMS or MVC framework::

  • Interface files and client handling within the catalog directory.
  • Management files and control panel within admin directory.
  • Template files within the catalog/theme directory.
  • We recommend using PHP 7.0 & above, current version which may be outdated!!

for more details, see this discussion on stack over flow about how to become a professional developer.

if you are an electronic store owner or considering setting up an electronic store do not hesitate to communicate with us we provide the best automatically and price plans and implementation and solve problems and technical support for all our services and program the additions of and update and upgrade the store...

 Robert Will 6 months ago

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