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Search Engine Optimization - Why It Is So Important

Let's imagine you invested a lot of money to launch your website and after that you hear from friends, end users that...we can't find your site using the google search in the browser. That's surely sounds not to be a nice deal, since your business is very much dependent on new customer acquisition.

This is exactly where web marketing and our "reputable" search engine optimization come into play. Serious because there are many black sheep in this area. They promise you a lot of money and yet you will not be on the top of the search results with your website.

Services Offered

We first evaluate site and offer you a complete package reports all provided services individually in order to create as much transparency as possible. In doing so, we pay attention to the right keywords when creating the website, which are then aligned to the most important search engines.

Internet Marketing

A website will not do good business to you, if it is not perfectly marketed by professional. The distribution takes place on the one hand via SEO and on the other hand through the subareas of Internet marketing, such as content or e-mail marketing.

Depending on the requirements, additional subareas of marketing will be added, which will be discussed with you in advance and used if necessary.

Why do I need web marketing & serious search engine optimization?

These two points are more important to us than the design itself. Often the service ends after the homepage has been created. But what good is the best site on the Internet, if nobody finds you? Our pages are optimized in advance for the most important search engines and aligned to the most important search words. A small overview of how extensive search engine optimization (short SEO) can be, you can get in our SEO category. Since it is not easy to understand how a search engine optimizer works, we speak of serious search engine optimization, because unfortunately there are some providers who work with tools that violate various guidelines of the search engines, so faster and easier to achieve certain results. However, this may sooner or later lead to exclusion from search engines. Furthermore, there are services that are advertised as search engine optimization and sold for expensive money (eg, only automated entry in 500 search engines). We provide an all-inclusive package detailing all the services that have been provided to provide as much transparency as possible. That's why we call this service a serious search engine optimization.

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